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Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

[Unnatural offences.
377. Unnatural offences. –Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal, shall be punished with 1*[imprisonment for life]. or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extent to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine.
Explanation. -Penetration is sufficient to constitute the carnal intercourse necessary to the offence described in this section.]

The above is taken from http://districtcourtallahabad.up.nic.in/articles/IPC.pdf [page 168].

Simply put, sec377, does not encourage homosexuality and, intercourse with animal(s). What shocked everyone? Even after so many years of our Independence, the Supreme Court of India upholds this, which had been declared unconstitutional by the Delhi High Court in 2009! The SC bench allowed the appeals filed by various social and religious organizations challenging the high court verdict on the ground that gay sex is “against the cultural and religious values of the country”.

Supreme Court, social and religious organizations please!

party-in-the-temple-khajuraho Khajuraho7 Khajuraho-1-300x200 love-life--khajuraho 1989KhajurahoFrieze-1

Group sex and homosexuality was always there in our culture and religion. These are the images of Khajuraho, praised all around the world for its beauty.

And if you think our culture is against intercourse with the “ANIMALS”, you are wrong again!!

Khajuraho1 13169847

And from south, Ajanta-Ellora – a beautiful painting.


One of the greatest lesson our religion and culture taught us is, “See beauty in everything., see beauty in the Nature, and see beauty within you”. I do not know why our religious organizations failed to see this, before hitting the Supreme Court! SC verdict against homosexuality is a “verdict against Nature”.

Fine let us consider this verdict. Imagine what will happen. Let us not consider the whole community, but just a gay couple (say for an instance). Because of this law, both will start a new life (will be forced to start a new life), considering they have strong heart (weak heart, suicide, its secondary, why should we even bother about that!). They cannot stay single for long right? Say they get married. And they move on with their new happy life (pretend to move on, and pretend to be happy). Everything is fine (appears to be fine), but for how long this will go on? Why should someone pretend like this? Why should someone force themselves to live their life in the way others ask them to live? Even a small chocolate, we are not ready to compromise, we want what we like. Its life! Why should anyone compromise?

Just asking, what if tomorrow they bring in a new rule, and only homosexuality is allowed? How would the judges, the people of the social and the religious organizations would react? How about their future? Will they find their gay partners? Or will they protest? How will they live? Have they ever thought this way?
Every human has the right to have the pleasure his/her way. And more than pleasure and sex, there is something called as “love”, why did we fail to consider that “love”?